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Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 23rd January, 2016

Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 3rd August, 2015


Report by Tariq Noor – Tarbiyyat Secretary, Merton Park Jamaat

Merton Park Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 3rd August, 2015

Merton Park – First Tarbiyyat Day Date of event: Monday the 3rd of August 2015 Venue: St Mary’s Church Hall, Merton

By the grace of Allah Merton Park held its first Tarbiyyat Day on Monday the 3rd of August 2015 at St Mary’s Church Hall in Merton.  The program was presided by the National Tarbiyyat Secretary Nisar Orchard sahib.

Preparation for the seminar began about 2 weeks in advance including arranging the venue, dinner and most importantly informing and inviting the members of Merton Park Jamaat via WhatsApp and text messages and telephone calls.

The program began with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Adnan Mehmood sahib, followed by a brief introduction and welcome note by the Tarbiyyat Secretary for Merton Park, Tariq Noor.  Nisar Orchard sahib then lead the proceedings for the day by presenting a very interactive, learning and motivating session aided by an illustrative Powerpoint presentation that was projected on both the men’s side and the women’s so that all members, irrespective of age or gender, could benefit from the session.  Nisar sahib emphasised that he wanted to make this an enjoyable interactive session, while stressing the importance of Tarbiyyat in a vast range of everyday matters.

Main focus of the presentation through the seminar was on Taqwa and righteousness.  Explaining that customary practices like Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s day and Easter, etc. are not good and should be shunned, Nisar sahib drew the attention of the attendees to many celebrations that happen in the Muslim tradition like Ramadhan, two Eids, Holy Prophetsaw Day, Promised Mesiahas Day, Jalsa Salana, Ijtemas, and many more that are celebrated in which the main focus is remembrance of Allah and gaining righteousness in every sphere of life.  Making the audience realise that there is no guarantee that a person would wake up and get back to life after sleeping, emphasis was laid on the fact that death is guaranteed and life is too short and that focus should be on doing good deeds and gaining Allah’s pleasure so that we may be successful in this world and the after.  Elaborating the importance of Taqwa in married life, Nisar sahib elaborated that the word Taqwa appears 5 times in the Nikah Sermon which shows how important it is to fear Allah and be righteous in order to lead a successful marriage and gain Allah’s blessings.  Elaborating the journey to attain Taqwa Nisar sahib explained it is achieved by perseverance and consistency with dedication and commitment to stay righteous and to continuously reject the wrong-doing.  Throughout the session questions were raised from Huzur’s recent Friday sermon and members of audience, especially children, were encouraged to provide explanation.  This aided in refreshing the Friday sermon and helped in memorising the contents better.

Audience in the seminar comprised of all members of the Jamaat including Ansar, Khuddam, Atfaal, Lajna and Naasraat who were all encouraged to, and took active part in, raising questions and providing answers to questions asked by Nisar sahib.  The main session concluded with silent prayers.

After the presentation and the concluding silent prayers, pizzas were served for dinner to all attendees along with sweets and ice cream.  Finally the day concluded with offering of congregational Maghrib and Ishaa prayers that were led by Nisar Orchard sahib.

Alhamdolillah, the overall feedback from the members who attended the Tarbiyyat Day was positive; members enjoyed the whole session thoroughly and are looking forward to attending the next InshaAllah.

Overall about 100 members attended the session, about 50 women and about the same number of men.

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