Merton Park – 2

Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 23rd January, 2016

Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 3rd August, 2015


Report by Tariq Noor – Tarbiyyat Secretary, Merton Park Jamaat

Merton Park Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 3rd August, 2015

Merton Park – Second Tarbiyyat Day
Date of event: Saturday the 23rd January, 2016
Venue: Scouts Hall, Morden

By the grace of Allah Merton Park held its second Tarbiyyat Day on Saturday the 23rd of January 2016 at Scouts Hall in Morden which is at the back of Baitul Futuh mosque parking. The program was presided by member of the National Tarbiyyat Team, Mubashir Ahmad sahib.

Preparation for the seminar began about 2 weeks in advance including arranging the venue, dinner and most importantly informing and inviting the members of Merton Park Jamaat via WhatsApp and text messages and telephone calls.

After Maghrib prayers in Baitul Futuh mosque at 4:45 pm, the program began at around 5:30 pm with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Qeewan Mehmood sahib, followed by a brief introduction and welcome note by the Tarbiyyat Secretary for Merton Park, Tariq Noor. Mubashir Ahmad sahib then lead the proceedings for the day by presenting a very interactive, learning and motivating session aided by an illustrative Powerpoint presentation that was projected on both the men’s side and the women’s so that all members, irrespective of age or gender, could benefit from the session.

Main focus of the presentation through the seminar was on Taqwa and righteousness, the benefits and dangers of internet and online networking of children and the role of parents. Explaining that with the current enhancements and development of technology and the lack of awareness of the dangers associated with it, parents tend to not focus on protecting their children against their exposure to the unwanted, inherent risks and threats from widely open and unrestricted mal-practices of the wrong doers who want to harm the children or take unfavourable advantage of them. Parents must understand that allowing their children to interact with and exchange information with strangers via the internet/ electronic media is the same as allowing their children to meet and interact freely with strangers on the street. Access to the internet and online social networking sites is easily available via computers, tablets, and even mobile phones these days. Parents must closely monitor and restrict the usage of such media by their children and all of their online activity. Today’s children are very sharp and there are many different slangs and code language in which they can communicate with friends and strangers via internet. Parents must learn and understand not only these code words but must also gain practical knowledge about the internet and usage of electronic media more than what their children know to be in a position where children know that they cannot deceive their parents. A video clip of one of Hazrat Aqdas’s sermons was also played in the seminar.

Audience in the seminar comprised of all members of the Jamaat including Ansar, Khuddam, Atfaal, Lajna and Naasraat who were all encouraged to, and took active part in, raising questions and providing answers to questions asked by Mubashir sahib. The main session concluded with silent prayers that were led by Bashir Akhtar sahib.

After the presentation and the concluding silent prayers, dinner was serve for all attendees. Finally the day concluded and Ishaa prayers were offered in Baitul Futuh mosque at 8 pm.

Alhamdolillah, the overall feedback from the members who attended the Tarbiyyat Day was positive; members enjoyed the whole session thoroughly and are looking forward to attending the next InshaAllah.

Overall about 28 members attended the session, about 14 women and about the same number of men.