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Report by Toby

Pan African Midlands Tarbiyyat  Report –  Date 28th March, 2015

Pan African Midlands Ahmadiyyat Muslim Association Midlands Region-UK Held Tarbiyyat & Taleem Forum  on 28th March 2015

The programme started at 11:15am with recitations of Holy Quran by Hassan Muhammad sahib followed by English translations by Salvator Idris sahib (New Ahmadi).

Following that was the extracts from Huzur (atba) Sermon read by Adnan Bonsu sahb Secretary Paama Tarbiyyat. Silent prayers led by regional Maulvi Abdul Ghaffar sahb.

Short welcome message from Toby Pan African President Midlands Region UK. It was then followed up with open discussion forum on the topics of The importance of prayers and how we can inculcate it into our family members and Why Am I Ahmadi Muslim.

The topics were open to all participants’ men and ladies including children who showed more interest by taking up a mic to air their views and Salat and Why are they Ahmadi Muslims.

The first session ended at 1:15pm with congregational Zuhur prayers led by Maulana Abdul Ghafar sahb of which he answered questions after prayers, it was followed by special lunch.

 The second session started at 2:20pm with split up groups Men and ladies. And the topic discussed was the benefit and disadvantages of  internet.

The children took lead and interest to discuss openly what they are doing, this included nick names.

The main concluding speech was by regional Maulvi Abdul Ghaffar sahb on the topic of why so important to attach ourselves, family members to the Jamaat and what are the disadvantages.

Regional Missionary elaborated that the benefits of attaching ourselves to the Khilafat its uncounted. The world are in need of peace and leadership, but As Ahmadi Muslims we have khilafat we must listen to Huzur very regularly for his guidelines try to rectify ourselves.

Maulana sahb also said  if we don’t attach ourselves and our family members to the Nizaamat we are the looser .

The programme ended with silent prayers led by regional Maulavi Abdul Ghaffar sahb.

Total attendance: 66

Men = 25, Ladies=25 Nasirat= 16

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