Report by Nisar Orchard – National Secertary Tarbiyyat UK

Mitcham Tarbiyyat Day Report on 1st February 2015

At Mitcham Salat Centre, the day started with Tahujjad prayer at 5.45am, led by Hafiz Muhammad Furqan Sahib. Fajr salat was performed at 6.45am and a short dars was delivered by Secretary Tarbiyyat UK reminding members of important points made in Hazoor’s (May Allah Be His Helper) recent Friday sermon 30.1.15, such as

– Allah does not burden anyone beyond their capacity (2:287)

– Congregational prayers is obligatory for men

– Implementation of Imam Attaul Majeeb Rashid Tarbiyyat plan

– Friday sermon should be listened to attentively

Roughly 40 members attended the morning session. Breakfast was served with the menu being channa daal, warm nan bread and delicious Halwa. Further Tarbiyyat related discussions continued during the morning session.

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