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Report  Morden Park Jamaat

Morden Park Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 5th, September, 2015


On Saturday 5th of September, our local Tarbiyyat Forum took place in 2nd Morden Scout Hall at Connaught Gardens Morden. This forum has been attended by 49 Jamaat Members including Ansar, Khuddam and Itfal.

The program started at 1520hrs with the Recitation of the Holy Quran followed by a beautiful Nazam. Later Nisar Orchard sahib, Secretary Tarbiyyat UK led the Program with his brief and interesting PowerPoint Presentation on “Moral State of Man” which was quite interesting and designed for all age groups. During the presentation, he encouraged politely to bring adequate changes in behavior and daily life. His main focus was to literate Members about the importance of Salat & Taqwa. In last phase of presentation there was a short Quiz competition among members divided into two groups. Everyone participated and enjoyed a lot. Presentation finished by 1720 hours followed by chocolates and candies distributed by Secretary Tarbiyyat UK to all participants.

Finally, Dr. Maqbool Sani Sethi sahib, Local President, had few announcements and concluded phrase. A silent prayer was led by Secretary Tarbiyyat UK at the end of the program followed by Asar prayers and BarBQ.

May Allah reward all our good deeds and shower His blessings upon all of us (Ameen).

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