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Report by Mubashar Ahmad – Secretary Tarbiyyat, Morden Park Jamaat

Morden Park Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 5th March 2016

On Saturday 5th of March 2016, our 3rd local Tarbiyyat Forum took place in Mitchem Mathodist Church, Cricket Green, Mitcham, CR4 4LB. This forum was attended by 162 Jamat Members including Ansar, Khuddam, Lajna, Nasrat and Itfal.

The program started at 1835hrs with the Recitation of the Holy Quran by Mohtram Mahmood Khan sb followed by a beautiful Nazam by Mohtram Kashif Ahmad sb. Later Nisar Orchard sahib, Secretary Tarbiyyat UK led the Program with his brief and interesting PowerPoint Presentation on “Ebadi-My Servants” which was quite interesting and designed for all age groups. During the Presentation his focus persistently on morality and target to achieve Taqwa. With his unique style and professional presentative skills he ket alive audience and encouraged them to fully participate within presentation start to end. Everyone enjoyed a lot. Although Lajna and Nasras participated first time but the feedback received by them was extraordinary and they sent text messages to Sadar sb Morden Park to conduct these forums in future as well. One of our Ansar who missed last forums expressed his feelings with a view that he shouldn’t miss last forum and shouldn’t visited Pakistan in that days. This truly shows the importance of this forum.

Finally, Dr. Maqbool Sani Sethi sahib, Local President, had few announcements and concluded phrase. A silent prayer was led by Secretary Tarbiyyat UK at the end of the program followed by dinner with delicious Baryani and tea to all participants. Program was finished with congregational isha prayers.