New Malden

Report by Nasim Jamal – President, New Malden Jamaat

New Malden Tarbiyyat Day Report – Date 19th February 2016


The New Malden Jamaat Held its first Tarbiyyat Forum which was presented by the Tarbiyyat Secretary UK, Nisar Orchard Sahib.

The proceeding started with Tilawat given by Ibtesam Mirza. After some announcements the Tarbiyyat Forum started. At 6:40 and was conclude at 8:30.

The Tarbiyyat Secretary had created many interesting and eye catching slides which he used to walk all members through.

The slides were effective and there was good engagement from the youngsters. Nisar sahib asked questions throughout his presentation to test the knowledge of the participants and to keep everyone engaged.

There are others parts to the Tarbiyyat forum and the Sadar New Malden promised that he would do his best to hold a Tarbiyyat forum each month.

After the meeting there was very good feedback from participants. They all found the presentation informative and easy to follow. It appears that everyone took some important Tarbiyyat lessons home with them.

At 8:30 we performed our Isha Namaaz followed by Dinner.