Report by Mirza Tahir Ahmad – Newham Jamaat

 Newham Tarbiyyat Day Report – Date 8th August, 2015


On Saturday 8th August 2015 Newham Jamaat held its third Tarbiyyat day at Baitul Ahad, Newham in East London.

The evening started at approximately 6:45pm and primarily featured the topics marriage and the upbringing of children. The attendees were delighted with the session with many of them proactively interacting with Nisar Orchard sahib. 
 The feedback from the session was that it was a very worthwhile event and they now have a greater appreciation for the depth of Hazur’s (adba) Friday sermons.
 With an attendance of 64 members consisting of both Men and Lajna there is room for improvement; Insha’Allah the next session, due after Jalsa Salana UK 2015, will attract more members to attend.
 The session was concluded with silent prayer, followed by dinner and then Maghrib and Ishaa Salaat.
 May Allah enable Newham Jamaat to grow stronger in every aspect.