Report by Nisar Orchard – National Secertary Tarbiyyat, UK

Newport Tarbiyyat Day Report on 28th December 2014

The Central tarbiyyat Team were invited to participate in the Newport Tarbiyyat Activity Day on Sunday 28th December. The team consisted of National Secretary Tarbiyyat Nisar Orchard, National Talim Secretary Nauman Raja, Dr Mujeeb Ul Haq Khan and Tariq Noor.

The Jamaat had hired a vacated shop in the town centre of Newport which adequately served the purpose for the day. Proceedings started at 11am with Tilawat by Syed Zafar sahib followed by a Nazm from local secretary tarbiyyat Hafiz Aamer Shahzad sahib. This was then followed by an interactive Q&A power point presentation by National Secretary Tarbiyyat about the responsibilities of the Central Tarbiyyat Team and Developing Moral Virtues.

National Secretary Taleem, Nauman Raja Sahib then discussed the National Talim Syllabus and engaged in discussion with the youth of the Jamaat.

The Jamaat had prepared lunch which was collected from Cardiff, Biriyyani and Raita with ice cream for dessert.

Zuhr and Asr prayers was offered.

The final session was a spirited quiz competition highly contested by the two teams.

The day concluded with Dua and Maghrib prayers before we returned to London.

Newport is a recently formed Jamaat that was part of Cardiff. Despite 8 members in attendance, the day was fully enjoyed by everyone. This was our second visit to Newport and we hope to return to Newport in April/May.

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