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Tarbiyyat Day, North Wales

Tarbiyyat Day, North Wales: 22nd March, 2015

Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 27th January, 2016


Report by Kaleem Sb, President North Wales Jamaat

Report of Tarbiyyat Day, North Wales: 22nd March, 2015

Alhumdolilah North Wales Jamaat was able to hold there 2nd Tarbiyyat Day on 22nd March .
First session started at 11-50am with recitation of Holy Quran followed by Nazam Huzoors Friday Sermon summary read out to the audience after that article was read out regarding the Yuame Masih Maud (as) .
At 12-30 Secretary Sahib Tarbiyyat UK started with telling the audience the importance of holding Tarbiyyat days regularly in Jamaats and praised North Wales Jamaat for there second Tarbiyyat Day . At 1-15 Zuhr prayer was offered followed by refreshments .
Second session started at 2-30 pm with Secretary Sahib Tarbiyyat UK giving the presentation prepared by him which was very interactive with many important day to day issues highlighted with questions from the audience answered in very beautiful manor .
Program finished at 4pm with silent prayer attendance figure is 26.
Dear Secretary Sahib I like to say thank you on behalf of my Jamaat for traveling to North Wales and spending your time with us also giving us the means to how we can better our lives and morals and tread the path of Righteousness.

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