Report by Sharjeel Nasir, Tarbiyyat Secertary Nottingham Jamaat

Report of Tarbiyyat Day, Nottingham: 29th March, 2015

The first Nottingham tarbiyyat programme was arranged on 29th Mar 2015. The programme started at 11:28 with recitation of Holy Quran by respected Jazib Amir Dar Shb from atfalul Ahmadiyya Nottingham. Nisar Orchard Shb, the Tarbiyyat Secretary UK, requested Sec. Tarbiyyat Nottingham to announce brief plan of the day. At that time, we had total of 9 members.
Secretary Shb Tarbiyyat introduced himself and interacted with the people present on the day and equally engaged Lajna members in another room.
Secretary Shb kicked off by asking what Tarbiyyat is and enquired some feedback from the audience. Secretary Shb asked few members about who the Sadr jamaat and Local Secretary Tarbiyyat are. Members engaged and provided answers.
He continued and talked about;
• Regular Tarbiyyat Activity in Local Jamaat
• Why Tarbiyyat is important
• That he is ready to come at any event
• The gap between office bearers and members of jamaat
• That aamla members perhaps do not do any work
• How to work together as a one jamaat
• Discuss about Tarbiyyat issues
• Hold Local Events like Jalsa Musleh maood, Masih-e-Maood Day and Jalsa Seerat-un-nabi
• Attendance for Fajr Salaat is very poor
• Importance of Congregational Prayer
• Discusses whether there is need for Tarbiyyat at a burial, or Marriage, mosque antiquates
• There are many thinks to talk about in terms of Tarbiyyat
• Developing Moral values
Secretary Shb continued and constantly engaged with both gents and ladies.
The open discussion about ‘What we want from Life’ was very much educating for members of Jama’at. The moral virtues and their importance in our life were also discussed.
Education, Employment, Family, Status
There are two ways of looking at this.
Education: you can show superiority to others, but it’s better to share your education with others. Naiki
Employment: Greed to work/make money – Sagawat, Give more as you earn more

Family: every member of household is busy doing his/her own thing – Do things together as a family – Mutahhid
Status: Takabar/Gharoor – you can increase in Aajzi
To become better person and gain qualities, you just need the will to do this. Example: patience, humbleness, obedience, etc. They are all free and just require your will to gain there qualities.
We broke us for Zohr Prayer and Secretary Shb emphasized that it is becoming a habit of combining a prayers together. This is not the way to do it. Juzoor mentioned that very often in his sermons.
We had lunch where all members enjoyed the food and briefly touched upon the arrangement of local events.
After lunch at 14:15pm, we got together and joined for a quiz competition between the two teams. Youngsters were very keen to answer the questions asked by Secretary Shb and on lajna side, there were also two teams formed.
Secretary Shb thanked everyone who came on the day and hoped to see more members for future events. He then led all attendees into silent prayer.

Members greeted and showed happiness for a successful event and hoped to see secretary Shb soon in the near future.
At the final sessions we had a total of 35 members.

Feedback from jamaat members:
Members felt that Secretary Shb was well prepared and engaged to every members as they came in. There was no boredom among atfal and youngsters. All members had a joyful day.

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