Report by Sharjeel Nasir, Tarbiyyat Secertary Nottingham Jamaat

Report of Tarbiyyat Day, Nottingham: 20th February, 2016

The second Nottingham Tarbiyyat programme was arranged on 20th February 2016. The programme started at 14:16 with recitation of Holy Quran by respected Sajeel Ahmad Malik Shb from Khuddam ul Ahmadiyya Nottingham. Nisar Orchard Shb, the Tarbiyyat Secretary UK, requested Sec. Tarbiyyat Nottingham to announce brief plan of the day.

Secretary Shb Tarbiyyat introduced himself and interacted with the people present on the day and equally engaged Lajna members in roomdownstairs.

Secretary shb along with his team was prepared with projector, lengthy cables, laptops, presentation material etc. it took about 20- 25 minutes to setup the entire system including on Lajna side.

Secretary Shb kicked off by asking what Tarbiyyat is and enquired some feedback from the audience. Secretary Shb asked few members about who the Sadr jamaat and Local Secretary Tarbiyyat are. Members engaged and provided answers. Some struggled.

He continued and talked about;

  • Essense of Trial and tribulations
  • Quoting from Holy Quran 2:156 Allah promises glad tidings to those who are willing to lose their Lives, wealth time etc.
  • How we can look after welfare of others
  • Taqwah and Moral Values
  • Story about his Father James Orchard who travelled with great difficult during the war and met Mufti Sadiq shb RA in the time of 2nd
  • He did Bait and since then increased in righteousness.
  • Recent event in Baitul Futuh (fire)
  • Where were individuals at the time?
  • Friday sermon delivered on Friday after the event in BF mosque. Where were we?
  • What Huzoor mentioned and how he started the sermon.
  • What were we doing at the time? Were we attentively listening to the guidance from Huzoor or elsewhere?
  • How we could improve by removing various problems (pride, revenge, lying, cruelty, backbiting, impatience etc)
  • An average life sketch and the actual time left which we can spend on Tarbiyyat (improvement of Taqwah and Moral values)
  • Mentioned how long people have left in this world and what people could do in such a short life time.
  • We have basically 8 hours to do everything except work and sleep.
  • 1st question will be about the Namaz after we all die.
  • Huzoor noticed that many members were present for the New Year tahajjut prayer but on 2nd Jan, they were back to coupe of rows.
  • Huzoor mentioned about Nafli Fast so we can get used to the Ramazan when it comes and we’ll be waiting for it.
  • We can achive this righiousness by praying together, eating together, watch MTA together, Listen to Khutbah together, going on holiday together, and obtain healthy relationships with members of jamaat, your family and friends.

Secretary Shb continued and constantly engaged with both gents and ladies.

Due to time shortage, Secretary shb went through so members could benefit from the slides, the presentation and information given to all members.

The moral virtues and their importance in our life were also discussed. Sec shb discussed how to climb up the mountain greater then Everest. The mount of Taqwah (rightiousness)

Secretary Shb thanked everyone who came on the day and apologised for his ruch towards the inauguration of Leicester Mosque. He then led all attendees into silent prayer.

Members greeted and showed happiness for a successful event and hoped to see secretary Shb soon in the near future.

At the end of the sessions we had a total of 49 members.

Feedback from jamaat members:

Members felt that Secretary Shb was well prepared and engaged to every members as they came in. There was no boredom among atfal and youngsters. All members had a joyful day.

Secretary shb to spend more time towards Q/A and leave a bigger gap for the visit. Request for the presentation.