Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 4th, April 2015

Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 21st November, 2015


Report by A M Zafar – Secretary Tarbiyyat, Peterborough Jamaat

Peterborough Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 21st November, 2015

I  am very thankful  for your recent visit at Peterborough Jamat. The Peterborough Jamat  has arrange the terbiyati day on 21 November 2015.  The first session of the terbiyati day started with Congregational  Tahajud prayer, fajr Prayer, Dars Ul Quran and Breakfast. The attendance was as follows

Ansar                              Khudam                         Atfal

10 out of 14                  10 out of 20                   2out of 9

The second session started  3 :00 Pm   with telawat  with translation Urdu and English and Nazm.

The national Sec.  Terbiyat  gave a presentation on terbiyat   continuously for   near 2 hours. Every member of the Jamaat listened to him carefully and liked his way of presentation
answer and question carries out during the presentation after the presentation the Magrib and Esha prayers  perform. And the dinner was served. The attendance was as follow

Ansar                     khudam                   atfal        Under 7                  lajna                           nasrat
10 out 14           8 out of 20              7 out of 9      5                18 out of 29                8 out of 10
I wish and hope  this activity wil effect positively on the member of Jamat