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Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 7th February, 2016

Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 5th April, 2015


Report of Raynes Park Jamaat

Raynes Park Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 5th April, 2015

By the Grace of Allah Almighty, Raynes Park Jamaat held their first Tarbiyyat Day of 2015 on Sunday the 5th of April 2015. The event had been planned for some time but as the event date became nearer it became more evident that attendance will take a hit due to the holiday season with quite a few regular members of the Jamaat being away for one reason or another. Though this added a few challenges for the event but Alhamdolillah they were all overcome one by one.

On the day, Nisar Orchard Sahib arrived half an hour before to setup the venue (a high school) so that Lajna can also see the same presentation in their room. The first session started at 3 pm, and following Tilawat and introduction last till 5 pm. The session covered various aspects linked with the topic of Tarbiyyat, and supplemented by various questions from the last Friday Sermon by Huzur-e-Aqdas. The interactive nature of the event made it more interesting and questions were asked by members, including Lajna.

Following Asr Salat and a short tea break, we re-convened for session 2 which was led by Maulana Naseem Bajwa Sahib – Imam Baitul Futuh Mosque. This was again Tarbiyaat based and covered additional material, including 7 states of Salat. This was followed by another short question-answer session and finally ended with a silent prayer.

Finally, dinner was served and evening ended about 7 pm.

The feedback on the day was good, with audiences being educated on this important topic of Tarbiyyat. One suggestion was made that perhaps the academic bit of the event can be covered in 2 hours, with last hour for prayers and food – making the total duration of the event to be 3 hours which might attract more attendees. The overall attendance was just under 100, including Atfal, Khuddam, Ansar, Nasirat and Lajna.

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