Report by Abdus Sabbooh Bhutta, Secertary Tarbiyyat Reading Jamaat

Report of Tarbiyyat Day, Reading: 6th September, 2015

Allhamodollila, Reading Jamaat held their very first successful Tarbiyyat Activity Day.

Date of the Tarbiyat day: 6th September 2015                                Day: SUNDAY

Venue: Birch Hill Community Centre, Leppington, RG12 7WW              Time: 3pm – 7pm

Please find below a brief report of the Tarbiyyat Day for Reading Jamaat held by the National Secretary Tarbiyyat Nisar Orchard sahib.

Co-ordination and Planning:

Planning for the event started a couple of weeks prior to the event taking place. The planning was led by the Sadr Jamaat Ali Ahmed sb. This was carried out in line with the requirements and emphasis laid on Tarbiyyat by his Holiness Hadhrat Khalifa-tul Massih the 5th (ABA).

An attendance campaign was carried out via text messages and emails as reminders to all Jamaat members by Sadr sahib informing them about the event. In addition, the local secretary Tarbiyyat called people over the phone reminding and inviting members to the event.
• A separate team led by Sadr sahib Reading himself, secretary ziafat and Qaid Majlis looked after the food arrangements for the event.
• On the day of the event Qaid Majlis and his team with the help of few Atfal set the hall up as well as the dining area for dinner.


By the Grace of Allah, the event started at about ca.3.00PM with congregational Zuhur and Asr Namaz led by the National Secretary Tarbiyyat Nisar Orchard sahib. After Namaz the Tarbiyyat activities started with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Imtiaz Malik Sb.

Mr Rashid Khawaja sb then read a Nazm of the Promised Messiah (AS). This was then followed by a very interesting, extensive and informative power-point presentation on various topics including but not limited to the following:  Importance of Taqwa, Politeness, gentleness, kindness, and moral/moral standards of an Ahmadi, the concept, expectations and importance of Marriage in Islam etc. by Nisar Orchard sahib. This presentation was extremely useful and interactive. This made the presentation more interesting as members became directly involved. During the presentation, Nisar sahib also asked questions from Hazrat Khalifatul Mashih Al-Khamis’s (ABA) latest Friday Sermon so that people remember important points of Huzoor’s sermon. After the presentation, Nisar sahib conducted a short Quiz comprising of both religious and general knowledge questions enabling once again the full participation of all Jamaat members.

The event came to an end at about ca 6:15pm, with silent prayers led by the Naib Amir UK Akram Ahmed Sb. Thereafter, dinner was served.

Attendance: The event was attended by ca. 70 people in total which includes Lajna’s, Nasirat’s, Atfal’s, Khudams and Ansars.



Feedback: The feedback from Jamaat members was very positive, almost every one found the event very interesting and enjoyable.

One Tifl’s (Zeeshan Bhutta) comments:

“It was a very informative and helpful talk and presentation.  One interesting part was the mentioning of the fact that the best gift you can give a child is a good upbringing, and how parents must always have time to teach their children to be righteous individuals.

“I personally learnt that we shouldn’t just thank and pray for our parents for the materialistic things they give us but for other types of sacrifices and effort they make to ensure that we turn out to be excellent people and ambassadors of the Jamaat.”

Whilst thanking our guest speaker for honouring this event, and delivering an excellent speech and a presentation we pray for his well-being, and hope to see him again soonest.

A Lajna’s comments:

The manner in which the message was delivered was very articulate and accessible by all ages. Your visual presentation was very effective and powerful leaving one to sit and reflect and carryout a self-check.  We are all in need of being constantly reminded not to divert from the right path.

We would very much appreciate another visit in the near future. JazakAllah

May Allah grant all attendees very positive changes and fruits of this event for and may we all perfectly obey and meet the expectations of our beloved Imam, Hazrat Khalifatul Mashih Al-Khamis’s (ABA), Ameen.


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