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Redbridge South Tarbiyyat Day Report – Date 30th March, 2015

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Redbridge South 2nd Day

Report by Nauman Khwaja – Secretary Tarbiyyat Redbridge South Jamaat

Redbridge South Tarbiyyat Day Report – Date 30th March, 2015

On Monday 30th March 2015 Redbridge South Jamaat hosted our second Tarbiyyat Day on the new topic of Marriage. The event was organised as an evening event with members arriving for 6.30PM.

Event Planning
All members of the Jamaat were invited, and an attendance campaign had started weeks before the event. Members were contacted using a number of methods including telephone calls, text messages and via mobile messaging groups. Announcements were made on various occasions as well including at Jummah.
Regular contact was maintained with National Tarbiyyat Secretary Nisar Orchard sahib in the run up to the event and a detailed programme and itinerary were put together.

Event Summary
Alhumdolillah, the event started at the scheduled start time at 7.00PM. It started with recitation of the Holy Quran by Abdur Rahman sahib. This was followed by a very enlightening and informative presentation by Nisar Orchard sahib. The presentation style was most engaging as all members young and old listened and participated attentively. Throughout the presentation there were various questions about Huzoor’s (aba) Friday sermons and members were reminded that they should listen to Huzoor’s (aba) sermons attentively.
There was a short break in the presentation for Maghrib and Ishaa prayers at 8.00PM. This was followed by food. The presentation then reconvened at 8.30PM.
A very exciting atmosphere had been created that was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The event ended around 9.00PM with silent prayer.
The attendance for the event was over 50 members, nearly 50 from Redbridge South Jamaat. (9 Lajna and 3 Nasirat & 1 under 7, and approximately 38 Ansar and Khuddam).

A viral of the event has been produced and submitted separately.


  • “It was a great event and very educational, hope to have another tarbiyyat event in the near future inshallah” – Khaddim
  • “The event overall was very enjoyable with light hearted interactive discussions on matters that closely affect us. It also catered for all age groups. The kids actually want to attend these tarbiyyat events which is a huge compliment in itself.” – Lajna Member
  • “It was very good, It was very informative especially for younger people who interacted in discussion” – Ansar member
  • “Thought it was brilliant once again. Should definitely have more” – Khaddim
  • “We all enjoyed the second tarbiyyat event very much, found it very informative and well balanced, from both men’s and women’s perspective. Refreshing to hear what Islam’s/Ahmadiyyat’s guidelines are concerning marriage. My son really liked the interactive elements” – Lajna Member

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