Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 28th February, 2015

Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 31st October, 2015


Report by Dr Kamrudeen Secretary Tarbiyyat Scunthorpe

Scunthorpe Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 28th February, 2015

By the grace of Allah, the Scunthorpe Jamaat help its first Tarbiyyat Day on Saturday 28th February 2015. Our Jamaat was graced with the presence of the National Secretary for Tarbiyyat Mr Nisar Orchard and Missionary Hafiz Fazle Rabbe who both set off from London at 04.30 to arrive in time for a 10.20 start to the day.

A total of approximately 45 men women and children attended.

After recitation of the Holy Quran and a few introductory remarks by the Sadr of Scunthorpe Dr Muzaffar Ahmad, Mr Orchard delivered an interactive presentation which was highly appreciated and members who attended participated by answering questions and also making their own comments. The central theme of this session was on building and developing moral values which is the foundation of reaching Allah. The key areas of life include education, employment family and status and whilst all these are important, Mr Orchard stressed that we should not develop the negative aspects of these such as a feeling of superiority, pursuing money slavishly, dysfunctional families and arrogance. He then described the 7 steps of acquisition or morals. Intertwined with these valuable lessons were questions based on Huzoor’s most recent Friday sermon.
The challenges of the central tarbiyyat team were highlighted; he emphasized the importance of congregational salaat and discussed the local tarbiyyat report.
After a short break, Hafiz Fazle Rabbe began his contribution on the importance of the accurate pronunciation of the Adhaan. Individual members recited the Adhaan and received feedback from Hafiz sb in front the entire congregation so all members received benefit from this exercise.
The Scunthorpe Amla members then help an abbreviated Jamaat meeting followed by Salaat and lunch.
The afternoon session consisted of individual members reciting Surahs Al Fatihah, Al Kauthar and Ikhlas with feedback on ways to improve the accuracy of recitation. Then during the last hour, frequently mispronounced words of the Quran were analysed and rehearsed with active participation by all members of the audience.
The day ended with Dua and a group photograph.
All members of the Scunthorpe Jamaat are grateful to Mr Orchard and Murabbi sb for the sacrifices they made. We benefitted immensely and will InshaAllah be arranging local Tarbiyyat days but will also invite both distinguished guests to further Tarbiyyat days. May Allah bless them both for all the valuable work they are doing.

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