Report by Towhid ul Haque, Secretary Tarbiyyat Sheffield Jamaat

Report of Tarbiyyat Day, Sheffield: 21st March, 2015

Majlish Sheffield held their Tarbiyyat day on the 21st March in Baitul Afiyat and started at 11am with Tilawet-e-Quran by Muneef Ehsan. It was then followed by a welcome address by the President Dr Nadeem Ahmed.

The main event of Tarbiyyat day was the interactive and very informative  PowerPoint delivered by Tarbiyyat Secretary of UK , Nisar Orchard sahib. In his presentation he spoke about the meaning of tarbiyyat and many other tarbiyyat related matters. He expressed about marriage and how we should keep firm marriage and not let it break down. Moreover he mentioned about listening to Friday sermon on a regular basis with the family and we should build a strong relationship with Khilafat. Regarding this he emphasised that we should also have regular discussion regarding the sermon. He gave us advice about on how we can improve the number of attendance at mosque and gave a scenario that every 1st of January there are always lots of members attending Tahajud prayer, but the very next day the attendance drops drastically. So he said that in order for the attendance to increase we must think that every day is the 1st of January. Besides that he talked about leading a simple life (as told in Friday sermon) and asked us to lead an example to the younger generation and that we should have a high status in all virtues. He gave us examples of people in high status of all virtues. At 1 o clock we offered our Zohar namaaz which was followed by lunch.

After the lunch Nisar Orchard sahib organised a quiz competition and members of lajna also participated in the quiz. All the members of lajna, Atfal, Khuddham and Ansar enjoyed it a lot. It finished with prize distribution with Mulana Mahmood Quasir Malik announcing the names who had attended the Quran classes regularly. The total attendance was 63 including lajna. Finally the programme was finished by dua.

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