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Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 9th August, 2015

Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 6th December, 2015


Report by Dabir Ahmad Bhatti – Tarbiyyat Secretary, South Cheam Jamaat

South Cheam Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 6th December, 2015

South Cheam Jamaat held its second Tarbiyyat Activity Day on Sunday, 6th December, 2015
In the absence of National Secretary Tarbiyyat, Dabir Ahmad Bhatti gave the presentation, helped by Syed Mashhood Ahmad

Beginning with combined prayers of Zuhr and Asr which were offered at 2:00pm

The meeting started with the recitation of the Holy Quran with English and Urdu translation and Nazm by Muhammad Rafi Sb. Then Muzaffar Zafferi Sb, Sadr of South Cheam Jamaat made a few announcements before handing over to Dabir Ahmad Bhatti who explained that the subject of the presentation would be Khilafat.

The first presentation started at 2:45pm by Syed Mashhood Ahmad who spoke briefly on the lives and achievements of the first four Khulafa of Islam. Then at 3:30pm, the second presentation was conducted by Dabir Ahmad Bhatti, who spoke on Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyyat and emphasised on our responsibilities in order to keep receiving the Blessings of Khilafat. The presentation completed at 4:20. Food was then served

There were 41 attendees on the men side and 35 ladies including children. This was a good attendance considering there was a Lajna Refresher course at the same time.