Report by Adnan Rashid – General Secertary Southall Jamaat

Southall Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 26th Aril 2015

On Sunday the 26th Aril 2015, we were visited by our National Tarbiyaat Secretary Mr Nisar Orchard. The purpose of the day was to highlight the importance of Tarbiyaat within the Jamaat as set out by our Beloved Huzur “Mirza Masroor Ahmed” Khalifa-tul Masih V.
The event started at 10.30am Prompt with Tilawat of The Holy Quran by Talat Syam, followed by Nazm by Mr Abdul Basit Sahib. There was a brief introduction by our Southall Qiadaat President Mr Suhail Mehmud.
The day included Southall & Greenford Qiadaat’s and by the grace of Allah, total attendance was 249 members.
The session then commenced by Mr Nisar Orchard Sahib setting the scene by explaining the importance of Tarbiyaat and how it effects us in our every day life from a social, moral and religious standpoint.
Mr Orchard Sahib insisted on creating a humble and sincere atmosphere by removing the tables and chairs and talking to the Jamaat in an informal yet sincere manner.

Orchard Sahib started with the basics by illustrating the statistics of how many members of the Jamaat attend the 5 daily prayers in the Mosque

When these figures were displayed, Orchard Sahib asked the question on what the Jamaat Members thought of the attendance …….. It was apparent that the attendance of Salaat is the most basic, yet the most significant area for us to improve as a Jamaat.

The session continued with much enthusiasm as Orchard Sahib delivered a 1.5 hour presentation on topics that covered a whole series of Tarbiyaat topics, yet keeping the audience fully engaged by striking a fair balance between social and religious topics.
Finally after the presentation was concluded, Mr Orchard finished the session by way of an interactive yet fun, General Knowledge and Religious Knowledge Quiz. This was well received by the audience and the day was concluded by Zohr Salaat and Lunch.