Report by Abdul Qadeer Kokab – Tarbiyyat Secretary, Southmead Jamaat

Southmead Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 14th February, 2016

On Sunday 14th February 2016 a tarbiyyat session was held with Nisar Orchard sb National Sec. Tarbiyyat, UK at Ackroydon Hall. The programme started at 2pm with recitation of Holy Quran by Abdul Qadeer Kokab Sec. Tarbiyyat Southmead Jamaat.

It was proceeded with small introduction by Mahmood Bhatti sb. President Jamaat. After that Nisar Orchard sb started emphasising upon Taqwah that is where tarbiyyat starts.

He said, That in the verses of Nikah the main objective is Taqwah. If we have Taqwah then we have understood the purpose of life. Children copy elders therefore elders must set a good example.

Parents must give time to their children, must play with them, must go for outing, and must create a friendly atmosphere so that children could ask any question without any fear.

During the interactive session different questions were asked by the audience.

He also discussed different topics on how to spend a satisfactory life. Everyone was so much attentive and enjoyed the programme.

At the end, the session was ended by silent prayers led by Nisar Orchard sb.

Food was served both on men and ladies sides.

Programme finished by offering prayers at the end.