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Tarbiyyat Day, Surbiton: 15th March, 2015

Tarbiyyat Day Report –   6th December, 2015


Report by Rafik Safir, President Surbiton Jamaat

Surbiton Jamaat Tarbiyyat Day Report –   6th December, 2015

The event was held at Tolworth Girls school and began at 4pm with Maghrib prayers. This was followed by Tilawat by Usama Aijaz and English translation by Jinnah Nasir. The programme started  with  a brief introduction by local  Sadr Sahib Rafik  Safir followed by a presentation by Mobashir Khan sahib from the Central Tarbiyyat team .
The professional presentation included many slides and detailed explanation by Mobashir sahib focusing primarily on the dangers of the Internet. He explained  how parents should become more aware of the Internet as well as the various forms of Social media which are being used today. He illustrated the dangers children are exposed to from grooming and exposure to indecent images as well as things like cyber bullying etc
The presentation ended with an illuminating video clip of a Question to Huzur in one of his Waqfe Nau girls classes and his response especially with respect to the problems of using social media like Facebook.  There was a healthy question and answer session from both Lajna and men afterwards followed by a dinner courtesy of Tarbiyyat department. Our thanks snd appreciation and prayers go to the Tarbiyyat team for organising this important event