Report by Muhammad Umer Basra – Tarbiyyat Secretary, Swansea Jamaat

Swansea Jamaat Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 30th January, 2016

With the Grace of Almighty Allah Swansea Jama’at has the opportunity to hold its 1st Tarbiyyat Day on Saturday 30th January 2016. It was presided by National Secretary Tarbiyyat Mohtram Nisar Orchard Sahib who specially came from Lodnon for this event. Total 30 members have attend this event.

The event started with recitation of the Holy Quran recited and translated by Muhammad Khalid Khan and its English translation read by Yassar Shakeel Sahib. A Nazm from sayings of Hazrat Maih Maud (as) recited by Shujauddin Ahmed Sahib in a rhythmic sound.

Regional Ameer Sahib Muhammad Noman has explained about the reason of the event as well as its benefits in daily routine life. He told that such event has already been held in Cardiff and Bristol which were very useful and attendees praised the way of its presentation. He also informed the members that these events are being held in all jama’at throughout UK as per Tarbiyyat Plan has been approved by our beloved Huzur-e-Anwar. He emphasized to follow the guidelines being given in this Tarbiyyat Day by National Secretary Sahib Tarbiyyat in our daily routine life for affective tarbiyyat of our children as well.

Mr Nisar Orchard the National Secretary Tarbiyyat UK given a very comprehensive presentation through projectors at both ends in men as well as in Lajna section with reference of different advices given by our beloved Huzur-e-Anwar and other Khulafa. He also quoted some sayings of Hazrat Masih Maud (as) and Prophet of Islam (saw).

Nisar Orchard Sahib highlighted in details how to get the sources of the righteousness in our daily routine life for the tarbiyyat not only of ourselves but for the next generation of Ahmadiyyat i.e. our children. He also explained its importance to build a good relation with Almighty Allah. The sources he mentioned are Regular attendance in Mosques, Punctuality of offering of five salats in congregation, Developing moral values, Patience and thankfulness, Purification of the heart, Brotherhood, Enjoining good and forbidden evil, Matters relating to Eating.

He at the end also emphasized the importance of the obedience of the Khilafat and invite the attention towards the duty of every Ahmadi in this regard. He insisted that without the obedience of the Khilafat we can never be successful to achieve the set targets or the goals he explained in today’s event.

At the end Mr Latif Ahmed Shaikh Sadar Jama’at Swansea thanked all the attendees of the Tarbiyyat Day especially to National Secretary Sahib Tarbiyyat who travelled a long distance for this event. He also thanked to Regional Ameer Sahib who has honoured this event with his presence. He thanked Regional Sadar Sahiba Lajna for her presence as well.

Regional Ameer Sahib has led the prayer which ended this successful event. After the Zohar & Asr prayers a delicious lunch was served to all the members. May Allah give all attendees the opportunity to benefit from the Barakat of this blessed event.