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Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 25th May, 2015

Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 11th October, 2015


Report by Nasir Ahmad – Secretary Tarbiyyat, Tooting Bec Jamaat

Tooting Bec Day Report –  Date 25th May, 2015

On 12th May 2015 in first Amla meeting of Tooting Bec Jamaat, it was decided to hold the first Tarbiyyat Day with general meeting and Khilafat Day together on Sunday 24th May 2015. Because the hall was not available, we changed the date to Monday the 25th of May. National sec Tarbiyyat, Mr Nisar Orchard Sb was informed and he promised to send his team for this occasion. Every effort was done to get good attendance. All tanzeem leaders were also requested to convince the jamaat members to attend this important programm.

On 25th May at 5:00 pm people started to arrive. In 30 minutes, we prepared the hall and made other arrangements. At 5:40 pm we prayed Asr prayer and directly after that started with the programme. From Tarbiyyat department Dabir Ahmad Bhatti Sb lead the programme.  After Tilawat, Qasida was recited from Nasirat in group. Then Dabir Sb gave a detailed presentation about Tarbiyyat. He touched different aspects, like marriage,  Namaz, Janaza, Khutbas etc. His presentation was very interesting, he discussed different matters, asked questions and gave the Jamaat members opportunity to ask questions. This session was about 1 hour.

Then we had two speeches about Khilafat day. One speaker was from national tarbiyyat team and other speech from Nasirat. The program ended with silent prayer. After silent prayer, dinner was served.

From men side attendance was 50 and from lajna side 67. Total attendance was 117. Attendance was affected from school holidays and Cricket tournament final match as well. We got good feed backs from jamaat members and they wished to held such a program again. Some members asked, if they can access the slides, which were presented from nat tarbiyyat department. At the end we request for prayers, that Allah enables us to serve the jamaat.

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