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Report by Naveed Ahmad Nagi, Secretary Tarbiyyat Jamaat Tooting

Report of Tarbiyyat Day, Tooting: 30th March, 2015

I hope and pray that you are well with the best of health. Alhamdulillah this month our Tooting Jamat has held the first ever tarbiyyat day in St Boniface church. The arrangements of this day started three weeks ago at our Jamat amla meeting, and we’ve discussed many issues relating to tarbiyyat that are coming up and therefore we came up with the idea of the tarbiyyat day, at this meeting the program was created and various important roles regarding the tarbiyyat day was distributed by Sadr Jamat.

To spread the message of tarbiyyat day I distributed the full agenda throughout the mosque and the agenda was hooked up all around the walls in the mosque, also Sadr Jamaat assured that Qaid Majlis, Nazim atfal, and Sadr lajna are well aware about this event to spread the details of the event, and everyone was contacted about this through qaid majlis, tarbiyyat sec, sadr lajna and nazim atfal. Lastly to make this event successful with great blessings I the sec tarbiyyat worked with a lot of the important members of the jamat and I made announcements at every jumma about the tarbiyyat day, and I made personal contact with a few people to invite them.
This tarbiyyat day was held on the 21st March at st boniface church, to make a blessing start to this day namaz-e-tahajjud was offered at 4am in Tooting Bilal centered followed by namaz-e-Fajr at 5 am followed by darsul malfuzat by Mohammad Din sahib. Also at quarter past 5 breakfast was served consisting of halwa, bread and eggs with tea. The attendance of this was 18 asnar, 4 khuddam and 1 tifil. Alhamdulillah after that at 11 am all the organizers, khadims, qaid sahib, sadr sahib and tarbiyyat sec sahib were present there to prepare the hall and made it ready by 11:30am, At quarter past 11am Mulana Munawar khurshid sb arrived with two of his tarbiyyat team members. The program was started by recitation of holy Quran at 12:30 by Abdul Sami sahib followed by translation and Nazm was read out by Bilal Mahmood sahib. Then from the national team Mashood sahib started a very well inspirational power point presentation about the aspects of death which allahamdolillah watched by Lajna as well through with a sharing projector on a TV screen in their respective halls and he went into depth about the preparations about death and a lot of questions were raised by the lajna, ansars & Atfal and this made awareness to a lot of people and this presentation lasted for an hour and half .At 2 O clock Namaz-e-Zuhr and Asr were offered followed by lunch.
After lunch at 14.20pm the second session started, and Mulana Munawar Khurshid sahib addressed us with a speech about tarbiyyat and told us numerous points, like how we as parents should be role models towards our children, and some really interesting past stories about the promised messiah and the importance of punctuality, in terms of being on time to these kind of events because a lot of hard work is put into these events by our organizers, also increasing the awareness of praying 5 times a day in our mosques but in some difficult circumstances in our homes. Mulana sahibs said thanks to all of our organizers and members from the national team and he really appreciated being here, after he left waseem ahmad sahib led the tarbiiyat and he also gave a speech related to tarbiyyat for children, a few points he made are that if parents read namaz, the children will automatically pick this up, also on the key points from the Friday sermon delivered by Ameer Ul Momineeen which should discussed between the parents and children to emphasize Huzoor (aba) points, and how we should not use violence against children the importance of keeping them away from negative distracting devices.
At 3:20 a speech was delivered by secretary tarbiyat Tooting (Naveed Nagi) in Urdu about the key responsibilities on us as parents and the future guidance on tarbiyyat, and also some really astonishing memorable stories were said about the promised messiah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) love towards children and similarly we should do the same thing as our role model and how children should not be ignored and we should always listen to them and not use foul language against and always communicate with love and kindness. Sec tarbiyyat also increased the awareness about how children should be sent to the local Salat centre and weekly classes.
At 15:35 Rahim Bakhsh sahib delivered a speech about the role of women in Islam in urdu, and talked about how our mothers raised us and the other mothers back in the promised messiah’s and Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) generation with love and peace, he expressed his point with some key stories about how similarly we should carry out this role in the same way.
Lastly Shakeel Syed sahib sadr jamaat Tooting gave a speech thanking and expressing the hard work and help put in by all amla members, lajna members, qaid majlis, tarbiyyat sec, the national tarbiyyat team, the khuddams, the atfals and the ziafat team in making this event a successful and blissful one.
At the end of Sadr jamaats said few words about the program and he read out the figure of attendance which is as follows:
Ansar + Khuddam + Atfal = 74
Lajna + Nasrat = 80


Lastly I’d like say thanks for approving our proposal and agenda regarding the tarbiyyat day and sending a replacement, respected Mulana Munawar Ahmad Khurshid sahib, Waseem Ahmad sahib and Mashood Ahmad sahib made the day really blessed with their inspirational and thoughtful presentations and speeches.

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