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Report of Tarbiyyat Day, Tooting: 30th March, 2015

Tarbiyyat Tarbiyyat Day Report – Date 16th June, 2015

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Report by Naveed Ahmad Nagi – Secretary Tarbiyyat Tooting Jamaat

Tarbiyyat Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 16th June, 2015

This month our tooting jamaat has held the second tarbiyyat day in Tooting Bilal Centre. The arrangements of this day started about a week ago at our jamaat amla meeting, and we’ve discussed many issues relating to tarbiyyat that are coming up and held our 2nd tarbiyyat day, at this meeting the programme was created and various important roles regarding the tarbiyyat day was distributed by sadr jammat. Sadr Jamat Tooting Shakeel Syed met with yourself a day before the tarbiyyat day and designed a very beneficial presentation with a lot of content about tarbiyyat issues aimed how to treat these.

To spread the message of tarbiyyat day we spread the word of our event to everyone by different methods and even with phone calls by local secretary Tarbiyyat Tooting.

This Tarbiyyat day was held on the 16th of June at 19:30pm at Tooting Bilal Centre, to make a blessing start a Tilawat was recited by local Sec Waqf E Nau Abdul Sami Abid sahib followed by the translation followed by Nazm by Bilal mahmood sahib later then Sec Tarbiyyat Tooting Naveed Nagi read out a speech about the importance of Zakat and the benefits of Ramdhan.

Sadr Jamat said a few words about the presentation that was prepared to present by Sec Tarbiyyat, he said that at every slide, the slide will be stopped for a few moments so that Sec tarbiyyat can explain the slide in urdu and sadr sb is going to explain it in English and anyone could ask questions if they have any.

The presentation was about “Evils and Fasting towards Righteousness”  complete presentation was played and many question been ask by the members on the related topics, the main topic selected was Prayers and Fasting including mandatory festivals, Atfal and other Jamat members were very much involved in the topic by answering the questions or raising the necessary questions. Allahamdolillah the presentation was so touched to the members they want many more topic to be arranged in regular basis as a presentation which can explain by itself, same evening we finalized our 03rd Taribiyyat day Inshallah on 12th July which includes the whole Jamat including Lajna as well, the meeting was concluded by silent prayers and then followed by Maghrib and Isha prayers.

At the end Sadr Jamaats thanked to all the members who participated and raised his concerns on attendance and made a team to visit every members house in next few days so that all should come and benefitted with these great efforts which Jamat is making.

Total number of attendees were 39 out of that Ansar 24, Khuddam  9 and Atfal 6

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