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Report of Tarbiyyat Day, Tooting: 30th March, 2015

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Tarbiyyat Day Report – Date 18th October, 2015

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Report by Naveed Ahmad Nagi – Secretary Tarbiyyat Tooting Jamaat

Tooting Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 18th October, 2015

Report from Tooting Jamat held on 18th Oct 2015 at St Boniface Church Hall.


Allahamdolillah by the grace of Almighty Allah Tooting Jamat held another Tarbiyyat day for the whole Jamat at St. Boniface Church Hall, this was our 05th Tarbiyyat day and the topic selected  was “Dangers of Internet”.

Program started by Tahajud & Fajr prayers at our salat centre and later day main event started at 06:30pm with Maghrib & Isha prayes followed by recitation of holy Quran and Nazm, with one short speech on the topic of Salat by Sec Tarbiyyat Tooting, after speech Mubashar Khan Saheb from National Tarbiyyat department did the presentation and it last for almost 2 hours. The topic was very useful and it was very much appreciated by every one, later followed by Q & A were many question been asked by parents on related topic.

Allahamdolillah 92 members attended, our program was concluded by silent prayer and then dinner been served.

On behalf of Sadr Saheb Tooting and all Jamat members I would like to thank National Secretary Saheb and his team for their excellent efforts which they are carrying out throughout the country to educate members in different topics and convey Huzoor (aba) instructions on regular basis, May Allah bless you and your team.