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Report by Naveed Ahmad Nagi – Secretary Tarbiyyat Tooting Jamaat

Tooting Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 13th, November 2015


Allahamdolillah Tooting Jamat hold another Tarbiyyat event on 13th Nov 2015 at St. Boniface Church Hall for the whole Jamat, the event was chaired by respected National Secretary Nisar Orchid Saheb.

Program started on time at 06:30pm with Tilawat and Nazm followed by a short speech by local secretary tarbiyyat. The power point presentation by delivered by Nisar Saheb on the topic of “Death”. The presentation was last for more than an hour later had a Q & A session were many question was raised by members and answers were given very briefly.

Program was concluded after Isha prayers followed by dinner. We appreciate Nisar orchid Saheb who is encouraging all the local Jamat’s to organise such event as Tarbiyyat is our major issue to focus on as per the instructions from Hadrath Ameer Ul Momineen (aba).

Total 107 Jamat members attended the event allahamdolillah increased from last month tarbiyyat program.