Report by Naveed Ahmad Nagi – Secretary Tarbiyyat Tooting Jamaat

Tooting Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 11th, December 2015


Allahamdolillah Tooting Jamat organised its 7th Tarbiyyat day on 11th Dec 2015 at St Boniface Church hall, by the grace of almighty Allah this program was chaired by respected Imam Ata Ul Mujeeb Rashid Saheb. The program started with recitation of holy Quran followed by Nazm, Sadr Jamat address the Jamat and present the report for the year 2015.

Respected Imam sb address the Jamat on the topic of Tarbiyyat and its importance in light of Huzoor’s Friday sermons, Imam sb also mentioned to listen Huzoor’s Friday sermons regularly more than once to fully understand what has mentioned & act upon the advice, and to create a strong bond with Khilafat.

The program concluded with silent prayer followed by Isha Namaz, dinner was served after the Namaz. Allahamdolillah total 112 members including Lajna & Nasirat attended.