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Tooting Jamaat 3rd  Tarbiyyat Day

By the grace of Allah this month our Tooting Jamaat has held the 3rd Tarbiyyat day in St.Boniface Church hall. We started our arrangements for this program about a week ago at our Jamaat Amla meeting our main concern was to bring majority of our members together to attend and Sadr sahib Tooting assigned responsibility of attendance to many office bearers like  Qaid majlis,Nazim Atfal, Sadr Lajna and secretary tarbiyyat and we made a team of 3 people and visited member houses and informed personally by the grace of god it worked out very well allahamdolillah.

The program was started at 1845 hours by Tilawat with translation followed by Nazm later Zeeshan Khalid sahib started the presentation about marriage in power point presentation which was shared in Lajna as well, the topic was so attractive which cover many important points in which all attendees was very much involve and appreciated a lot allahamdolillah

.After an hour of presentation was followed by Dars Ul Hadith by Moulana Waseem Cheema sahib, with all our efforts we had a very good attendance of 179 Tooting Jamat members including Lajna and Nasirat

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