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Report by Naveed Ahmad Nagi – Secretary Tarbiyyat Tooting Jamaat

Tooting Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 22nd September, 2015


4th Tarbiyyat Report from Tooting Jamat held at Bilal Centre on 22nd Sep 2015

Allahamdolillah this month 22nd Sep 2015 we had another Tarbiyyat day just for Men’s only because of not availability for any larger hall to have whole Jamat event but inshallah we will try to have next month with the whole Jamat. This was our 4th Tarbiyyat program held and allahamdolillah this was chaired by National Sec Tarbiyyat UK Nisar Orchad Sahib.

We started our program after Maghrib Namaz with recitation of Holy Quran followed by power point presentation presented by Nisar Orchid Saheb on different basic topics to start with in both language English and Urdu, followed by Q&A session were many asked questions on different subjects.
Allahamdolillah the program was attended by 35 Members of Tooting Jamat including Atfal in spite of week day when next day kids have to go school allahamdolillah we had 9 Atfal attended by the grace of god.

The program was concluded by silent prayers, after Isha Prayers dinner were served to all attendees.
We would like to take this opportunity to say thanks for the great efforts from Nisar Orchad Sahib and his team who prepare such a attractive presentation according to the current requirement.