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Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 9th, April 2015

Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 23rd December, 2015


Report by Rawah-ud-din Arif Khan – Murabbi-e-Silsila East London

Waltham Forest Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 9th, April 2015

By the Grace of Allah, Jama´at Waltham Forest held its Tarbiyyat Seminar on 9th April, 2015. On the basis of Hazoor-e-Aqdas aba instruction, this Tarbiyyat Seminar was held within the framework of the National Tarbiyyat Plan for the UK.

National secretary Tarbiyyat, respected Nisar Orchard Sahib arrived at 6:00 pm at the Baitul-Ahad mosque in Walthamstow. After setting up the ladies and mens hall, the programme started at 6:50 pm with Tilawat and an introduction to the programme. Respected Nisar Orchard Sahib adressed the members of the Jama’at with a visual presentation on Tarbiyyat topics. In addition, the programme was variegated in interactive and lecture-style parts. The Programme was mostly held in english with some urdu translation. In total, 30 Ansar, Khuddam, Atfal and 12 Lajna, Nasirat attended the Seminar.

Beginning his Seminar, Orchard Sahib asked questions about the main local Jamaat office holders to assure their prominence and then showed the previous local Tarbiyaat report. He went on running through important points of the report, such as the member’s Salat attendance in the mosque. Naming that point he underlined the great importance of congregational Salat and motivated the members to become more active in that particular matter.

Later on Orchard Sahib gave a brief overview on the different fields which is covered by the Tarbiyyat Team and explained every area shortly. Going further he broached current Tarbiyyat issues and discussed them in front of the Jamaat members, e.g. Pardah on weddings, behaviour on funerals, and marital issues.

Then he showed an overview of each Tarbiyaat topic that will be discussed in a series of Seminars. As a start to our first Seminar, he chose the topic of “The development of good moral virtues”. Rotatory, questions on the previous Friday Sermon by Hazoor-e-Aqdas aba and points on the topic were presented. Principally Jamaat members took part in answering the questions, which was a good reminder and also tested their attentiveness and memory. Orchard Sahib cited different Verses from the Holy Quran, in particular the one saying, the greatest virtue is in the remembrance of Allah (29:45). He gave the greatest of examples, that of the Holy Prophet saw and pointed out the perfection in his virtues, which we should aspire to achieve. He displayed a slide showing good virtues a true believer should inherit and visualized the journey of improving our virtues with the example of climbing a mountain. In order to achieve good moral virtues, we have to undergo several steps, such as internalizing perseverance, humbleness, truthfulness, etc. The peak of our journey, Orchard Sahib mentioned, is Taqwa, which is the greatest of virtues for a true believer.

Besides, Orchard Sahib reminded all Jamaat members of the importance of the following aspects: daily prayers, as well as congregational prayers, interest and attentiveness towards the Friday Sermons of Hazoor-e-Aqdas aba, support of Moosiyaan for the local Sec Tarbiyyat and a weekly Tarbiyyat Day.

The presentation was concluded with a congregrational prayer and followed by Isha Prayer and dinner.

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