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Tarbiyyat Day, Wandsworth: 23rd January, 2015

Tarbiyyat Day, Wandsworth: 23rd November, 2015


Report by Aziz Malik, Secretary Tarbiyyat, Wandsworth Jamaat

Report of Tarbiyyat Day, Wandsworth: 23rd November, 2015

“The Wandsworth Jama’at held a Tarbiyyati Ijlaas on 23Nov 2015 from from 7 to 10. PM.
The National Secretary Tarbiyyat Mukarram Janab Nisaar Orchard Saheb was invited to give his presentation. The presentation was presented on power point and was  for about one & half hour, followed by Isha’a prayer & Dinner.
Alhamdolila the Ijlas was very successful and was attended by about 125 members of Jama’at including about 75 Lajna/ Nasiraat.
The programme started with recitation of Holy Quraan Karim, under the Chaimanship of Saddar Halqa Mukrarram Janab Hadi Shehzaad Saheb.
The importance & main Features of Tarbiyyat were emphasised & elaborated  by Sec Tarbiyyat ( National),  Mukarram Janaab Nisaar Orchard Saheb. It was so absorbing that every moment of this presentation was enjoyed by everyone. The question answer programme was also simultaneously going on during presentation. The questions were entertained & were replied both partially by audience & mostly by worthy Speaker himself.
The Slides & the entire speech of the speaker was presented in a very simple form & was very easily understandable by both Urdu & Englsh speaking audience.
The salient features of presentation ,mentioned in a very effective manner, included:
1). Introduction & health check of Wandsworth Jama’at  2). Special Emphasis was given on Salat, Prayers, Ta’aluq Billa, and other important topics of Tarbiyyat including the following:
a). Developing moral values.  b). Sources of Righteousness & moral values – the greatest virtue being as Remembrance of Allah. &  c). Adopting gradually all good habits & leaving all bad habits. d). To be prepared & ready for all guaranteed things ie Death etc in life.  e).  The significance of time in life & daily routine without wasting time.  f).  The importance  & contact  with Khilafat – Friday sermons, prayers & tehreekaat.  g).  Dangers of Internet. And finally  h). Striving towards perfection.