Wimbledon Park

Report by Ch. Hameed Ahmad – Naib Sadr, Wimbledon Park Jamaat

Wimbledon Park Tarbiyyat Day Report –  Date 29th February 2016


By the grass of Allah Jamaat Wimbledon Park hold their first Tarbiyyat forum on Monday 29th February 2016 in Albemarle School from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. For good attendance we have called every household many time and then reminded them with text massages. On the day programme started with Tilawat and Nazm and then Mr Nisar Orchard sahib National Sec. Tarbiyyat Jamaat Ahmadiyya Uk give us a very inspiring power point presentation about Tarbiyyat. He speak very logical and easy way about goal of life and our responsibility’s, Taqwa and how we can gain Taqwa, impotence of listening Hazoor Friday sermon regularly. He engage all listener in Hall through question and comments. That was very good and use full presentation. We all like it very much and will invite Nisar sahib again soon. After this inspiring presentation Sadr Sahib Jamaat Wimbledon Park thanks to Nisar Sahib and then we offer Ishaa namaz togeather in Hall. For Lujna we have arranged a PARDA between this Hall. After that Dinner was served to all participants. Total attendance was 175.

After the Tarbiyyat Forum many Atfal, Khuddam, Ansar and Lajna give us feedback that they were very inspired through that presentation and will tray their best to increase their level of Taqwa. Inshallah. Here follow is link where we can finde some picture of this event.