Report by Zeeshan Majoka, Add. Gen Secretary Wimbledon Jamaat

Report of Tarbiyyat Day, Wimbledon 12th March 2016

Wimbledon jammat first tarbiyyat day was held on 12th March 2016,Saturday,From 4-7pm at St.Mary’s Church,St.Mary Road wimbledon.
Asr prayer was offered in congregation. Tilawat was recited by Zulfiqar Waqar. Translation was read out by Aqib Ahmad Sahib.
Tarbiyat presentation started at 4:30, and was presented by  National secretary Tarbiyyat Nisar Orchard Sahib. After the tarbiyyat presentation namaz Maghrib offered in congregation.
After namaz dinner was served.
More than 130 people attended the Tarbiyyat session and the response was very positive, with members having gained alot of knowledge. Members were enquiring when the next session is to be held. The children enjoyed the session a lot.
Pictures are attached with the email.
Zeeshan Majoka
Add.Gen Secretary wimbledon