Tarbiyyat Days

Introduction to Tarbiyyat Activity Days (TADs)

Friday Sermon 16th August 2013

“If the Tarbiyyat department continues to counsel members to strengthen their connection with Khilafat and keep drawing their attention to all the Jama’at programs and Khutbat and activities then we will see that while their connection to Khilafat will get stronger there also will be automatically resolved many tarbiyyat issues.”

Friday Sermon 30th January 2015

“Along with the president and secretary tarbiyyat, the entire amila should be mindful to act as role-models. Sermons and dars should be listened to and Jama’at programmes should be attended for spiritual development.”

The objective of the Tarbiyyat Activity Day (TAD) is to promote regular Tarbiyyat Activities at the local Jamaat level. Each local Jamaat will receive the full support of the National Tarbiyyat Team in way of budget, teachers, syllabus and presentations and fully participate in the day’s activity.

Since the initiation of the TAD programme, the Crawley Jamaat held the first one on the 10th May 2014. Since then they have continued to hold further TADs on the 2/11/14 and 1/2/15. They indeed have established regular tarbiyyat activity for their local members. A number of other Jamaats have now followed their example and their members are benefiting from it.

Each day is captured by way of a report, photographs and feedback and uploaded onto the Tarbiyyat Website.

We encourage each Jamaat to join this program to learn, enjoy and especially to enhance the Tarbiyyat level of each and every member of their local community.

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